Q. Are we underwritten by any service providers?
MoneyNinja is owned by C6 Consulting and positions itself as an independent publisher and provider of unbiased views of financial services, products and providers. The information MoneyNinja provides is for the user’s guidance only. We are not offering advice or advising users on specific products, services or providers. We do not promote ‘sponsored’ products or individual product providers and advertising will not affect our independent stance.
  Q. What do you do with info I submit?
We respect your privacy and personal information. Please refer to our privacy policy which governs the way we use and collect the personal information that is provided to us during the application process.
  Q. How do we make money?
Ninja teachings are absolutely free to you, the consumer. Thus you would never be obligated to register in order to access our guides and articles. If you do however register you will have access to privy Ninja Wisdoms to help guide you along your path to financial insight. Money Ninja makes money from charging the service providers when you click on the “Apply” button, or from commission if you decide to use one of our partners. But rest-assured as true Ninja’s, we will always be the beacon of financial well-being by providing you with trustworthy, unbiased financial information.